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Keeping Your Tod’ Bag at Its Best State

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Tod's bags, like any other bags, need proper handling and care and if you call yourself a bag lover, you should very well know that this is important. Keeping and cleaning your bags properly should be on top of your list once you purchase an expensive handbag like Tod's. When storing your bag, see to it that you stuff it with cotton to keep it in shape. Try not to put it near or beside anything that might scratch it or damage it in general. To be sure, enclose it in a dust bag.

When cleaning, never soak it in water, as some would normally do. The worst thing that you can do to a leather bag is drown it in water. Wiping and brushing should be enough, just make sure that you know the source of stain and use a cleaning agent that can effectively remove it.

Replica Tod's Bags—Your Practical Choice

designer handbags siteDesigner handbags have always been popular, but due to their steep price, the term knockoff, copy, fake and replica have also become well-known. A lot of people, especially women, surely want to experience the elegance that branded and signature bags exude, so it is quite understandable that some would opt for bags that look almost exactly like the authentic ones, minus the price. If you want a Tod's bag but cannot afford it, getting a replica Tod's bag is the next best thing. There are many shops online and offline that sell knockoff Tods handbags that look exactly like the real deal, and when you wear it, no one would probably know it's a fake.

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The Brain Behind the Tod’s Legacy: Diego Della Valle

Tod’s Group is a company originally based in Italy and is known for their production of shoes, bags, and other leather goods. As of late, the group is led by world-renowned personality, Diego Della Valle.

Originally, Della Valle’s father, Dorino Della Valle, was the one who developed the business that is now known in the fashion industry as Tod’s. Dorino started a shoemaking business in a humble basement in the last quarters of the 1920s. Diego, being the elder son in the family, was given the opportunity of expanding the business until it has been turned into a factory huge enough to produce shoes for distribution and sale in the 70s in many department stores in the United States. When the next decade came, Diego introduced new marketing strategies while keeping the handmade production process. The business expanded to introduce the brands Tod’s Fay and Hogan. In the middle of 1990s, Roger Vivier, a famous designer of shoes, was hired to develop more innovative and not to mention, lovable set of shoes. In 2003, with the help of Bruno Frisoni, an Italian designer, who was hired as the creative director for Vivier, the business bloomed further to venture in other lines of fashion—from shoes to bags.

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The Tod's Group

The Tod's Group, presided over by Diego Della Valle, started out as a shoemaking business entity in the 1920's. It was then expanded into a factory manufacturing shoes for department stores in the United States in the 1970's. Soon enough, other lifestyle brands under the company were introduced such as Tod's Hogan and Fay. Today, the brand has also been known for its handbag collections aside from the quality and in demand shoes under its name. It has soon established itself as one of the leading bag makers with the help of its association to significant media personalities.

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